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Lower Case Switcher

This program will help you to convert letter case either if you need to capitalize the first letter in a name or if you forget to turn Caps Lock off while typing.

Program features:

The program supports ALL keyboard layouts and languages * (except for Chinese and other hieroglyphic languages)
Support of umlauts and other symbols, which are usually entered by "dead keys"*
Letter case conversion:
uppercase -> UPPERCASE (Ctrl+[)         convert to upper case
lOWERCASE -> lowercase (Ctrl+])        
convert to lower case
sErGe -> Serge (Ctrl+/)                           
capitalize first letter
dENNIS -> Dennis (Ctrl+')                       invert text case  NEW!

(*) - such set of features is unavailable anywhere else in the world!
Download LowerCase Switcher (568 KB)

Using of the program gives you the following advantages:
- To convert a text, it is enough to place the cursor at the end of a word, which is to be corrected, and then simultaneously press two hotkeys.
- The hotkeys for managing text conversion are located in eminently suitable places, and you will always be able to find them by touch, without stopping looking at the monitor.
- The program also allows you to work with a selected text no matter how large it is.
- Program does not change the contents of the clipboard
- Even if the text you correct contains special characters, such as (TM), (C), the program nevertheless does correct the text.

US $19.99

Available languages
Traditional Chinese

Windows 98
Windows Me
Windows NT
Windows 2000
Windows 2003
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7

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Lower Case Switcher
version 2.00